My favourite images from 2008-2009 By Sydney Wedding Photographer Daniel Griffiths Please note no HDR. Music is from www.shockwave-sound….

Learn more: In this webinar, host Joe Brady has wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, in the studio. Cliff shares why and how he uses Po…


  1. Hi Aqa1, I use ACR for everything, sharpening you can do in PS with High
    Pass filter (filter-other-high pass) Drama is created at point of capture
    with the correct exposure for the intended result. Then just add your own
    enhancement techniques like vingette etc. Cheers Daniel

  2. Thanks…VERY informative….I have been wondering how you can maintain the
    flash distance constant (a light stand or a monopod with an assistant). If
    you don’t understand what he is talking about, maybe you shouldn’t be
    shooting your first wedding yet. The number 1 issue is the flash distance
    to the subject has to be constant. Otherwise, you have to adjust your
    flash power output accordingly. If you are shooting solo, you have to use
    a light stand. If you have an assistant (friends and relatives), you can
    use a monopod. BTW, there are tons of ways to setup your off camera flash
    system on the cheap. You don’t have to use the Pocket Wizard. 

  3. Take this as constructive criticism but there was clearly a lot of post
    production in this video, that said where are all the images from the
    shoot, first time I’ve seen a demo video on photography where photographs
    weren’t actually used to illustrate before, after, desired effect etc. BTW
    for 50 dollars Cactus V6 triggers do the same and control 4 lights plus can
    act as a camera remote. Also interesting to see a „pro” say he doesn’t use
    back button focus, he highly recommends it but doesn’t use it … it’s the
    way to go but not for me .. ODD! 

  4. Well my opinion, I don’t consider photographers as professional
    photographers cause there first shot is not always right. They always have
    to change the setting, weather the shutter, aperture, ISO or exposure
    compensation. I been doing photography for over 3 years and I don’t
    consider myself a professional photographers but I can take some good photo
    when changing the settings to get the right exposure. But when it comes to
    wedding you have to move fast for every shoot and know which lens and
    setting to use, which is not fun. I’m more like to shot models or portrait
    cause I can take my time in changing the setting to get the right exposure.
    In wedding your shooting like 300 or 400 images. Not all 300 or 400 will
    come out right. Thats why photographers use software to fix there photo
    that went wrong. I just did my first wedding shoot and only did 300 images
    a group shoot that i did outside was really sunny and it was not easy work
    around. My group was 15 people and is not like i have time to set up
    wireless speed light around them to get the right shoot as some people need
    to rush to get from church, to the park, wedding reception and so for. So
    if your taking a 3 people shoot you don’t want to be taking 3 or 4 shot
    until is right. The people don’t know whats going on until you have the
    right shoot. These people are trying to move on to what they are doing but
    can’t cause you still trying to get the right shoot. Also you would need
    someone to assist you in carry your equipment. Cause imagine running from
    place to place, taking things out your car and hopefully you didn’t leave
    any piece of equipment at the church. Well thats my opinion.

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