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Invited To A Destination Wedding? 10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Go
Everyone loves to complain when they are invited to a destination wedding, and to be honest, it's not hard to see why. Destination weddings can be pricey, time-consuming, and a little bit of a hassle. They can also seem selfish and extravagant, and …
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How a Carroll Gardens Burglar Ruined One Bride's Wedding Day
Tepper had just settled back into her Times Square desk chair after a final wedding dress fitting at Designer Loft in Midtown, she said, when she got a phone call from her neighbor, Samantha Babbitt. Both Babbit and Tepper's third-floor apartments, in …

Wedding Photography Tips: How To Start Your Wedding Photography Business
In B&H's latest episode of "Wedding Photography Tips" wedding photographer Susan Stripling offers up some solid nuggets of advice for you to chew over before taking on your first wedding gig. Susan addresses some really important issues, that a lot of …
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