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  1. Nice equipment! I was surprised at one statement, that more advanced
    photographers get, the wider apertures they want. That, however, isn’t
    always the case I think? I’m thinking about landscape photography for
    instance where usually a bigger depth of field is desired and therefore, a
    smaller aperture. I’m just wondering if less advanced photographers might
    go out and say hmmm this lens has a bigger aperture (smaller number) and
    therefore it must be better.

  2. thinking about getting the 70-200mm without IS. (I feel like i can get a
    whole other lens with what i save from not getting the one with IS). Will
    this one be ok for weddings really? I shoot my first wedding in July and
    want to be prepared. Everyone tells me to just suck it up and buy the more
    expensive one or a similar. Any recommendations? :)

  3. I’m sorry but there is so much misinformation in this video and in these
    I’ll start off by saying that the canon 24-70L is nowhere close to their
    sharpest lens. Its a decent workhorse but not the sharpest by a mile. The
    mark II that came out is however extremely sharp, but not the mark I.
    Secondly, cheap filters are a bad idea. They absolutely introduce more
    reflections as well as degrade the image. I would say either buy a good one
    or just keep your lens hood on for protection.
    Also the 8-15 fisheye is not f1.4! It is f4, which is 3 stops slower than
    what you said in the video.

  4. How much do you make a shoot? This guy seems a little cheapskate. XD I’m
    surprised you seem to be on a tight budget…. You learned your lesson on a
    cheap eBay battery pack melting… You definitely get what you pay for. I
    hope you bought a real canon grip because it’s a crime to have any other
    cheap third party grip on an expensive canon body, especially if your job
    is a profession! 

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